Introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Jim I live just up the big road, in Leeds. I started piing when they first came out. I’ve had a few years off now but have suddenly got interested again.

Hello, my name is Jack I live in Canada , and i bought my first Pi a couple of years ago ,now i have way to many [ if that’s even possible ] and a number of hats and pHATS lcd screens and more,I have bought a lot of my stuff from Pimoroni because of the great help given with all devices ,the Pimoroni team is second to none !
My current build is a Pi Top, using and old Toshiba laptop and lcd driverboard and a Pi Zero W.

Hi, my name is Leo. I am a circuit and PCB designer specializing in high performance audio products, but have designed all sorts of stuff, from fire alarm systems to cameras.

HI Folks

Relative Noobe here, ive not realy done much programing but have tinkerd with various things from lawnmowers to reprogramming £500K drill rig CPUs but only uploading/downloading files to make them work not actualy getting into the programs myself (but id like to… just the wouldnt let me… ;-D )

I did try to set up a mincraftPE server on a Rpie for my kids, which worked for a short while till they kept updating the versions and i couldnt keep up (but id like to revisit that some day).

This time I’m on a project mission to make bits of one vehicle work when bolted to another vehicle its not designed to go into. Unfortunately with modern advancements there not using digital signal switches but resistence laders witch is great for the OEM manufacture as they need less wiring, but not as good for me as i need more technology to make it work.

if youve read this far then whoop, if not who cares but will go looking for advice and tell you all about my plans ini think the projects section.
cheers for now

Всем привет. Меня зовут Артём. Работаю инженером.

у меня проблема. Простатит. Из-за этого расходятся волны от неё. Этим пользуются геи, думая, что я из их числа. Из-за этого возникают серьёзные проблемы во время эфира. Я экстрасенс, вижу образы, не подумайте - это не моё больное воображение, но это идёт в эфир и не только био. Могу на расстоянии в тысячи км отомстить тому, кто покушался на мой анус. Люди злы, но я борюсь, пытаясь открыть свою душу. Диджей. В 2014 мой микс занял 1-е место. Верю в Бога. Попытаюсь стать совершенство.

HI, My name is Clive and I share a love of electronics and I.T.! I work in the industry providing support to network infrastructure and telephony and all the stuff in between. I currently have two Pi 3’s, 1 Pi 3B+ and a Pi Zero. So far I have used my Pi’s for retro gaming stuff, just starting to tinker a little more now so figured I had better join the forum!

Hi Clive! Welcome! Sounds like you have a nice little collection of Pis. :-)

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I’m Captain Radio, but my family calls me Nick, much against my wishes.

A few years back, I got a ham radio license and started messing around on the local repeaters with some Baofengs I ordered with my lunch money. As it turns out, I was not so much a fan of transmitting things as I was listening. I found that my place was more surfing the airwaves, instead of contesting to get this or that check in some particular box. So, I gravitated more toward shortwave radio and lashing whip antennas to trees and listening to all the wondrous and strange things I could hear with my trusty Kaito KA1103 from my area in Michigan, US.

I do not get to travel much, largely due to finance, but I try to make the best of where I’m at. While that does not always work, there is always the radio waiting, like an old friend, somewhere nearby. I find it relaxing to just sit and scan, tuning my local world out while at the same time tuning the broader world in.

My interest in small electronics and single-board computers demanded that, at some point, I find out what was going on inside my radios and build a few of my own. Thus begins my journey!

Welcome to this turn in your road ,Enjoy your journey ,may it never end!

Hi my name is Meirion (good old fashioned Welsh name). I’m a Design Technology teacher in Pembrokeshire, i have been teaching for about 20years now but before that i was an animation assistant for 10yrs and even further back in the mists of time i did a Degree in Industrial Design in Sheffield. I’m never happier than when I’m in a workshop and i’m very lucky to have access to 3D printers, CNC router, laser cutter, Plasma cutter, MIG, TIG welding kit etc. I love CAD and have used many systems over the years. I have a 9yr old son who is very into coding and i set up a pi network in the house that he uses for everything! We have done some good automation / robotics projects and had fun making the cardboard AIY kit. Recently made a PiKon telescope which is amazing thanks to Mark Wrigly also from Sheffield. Latest STEM project in school is a submersible ROV which is a lot of fun.

Hello I am Roger. I have a Pi2 with HiFiBerry Digi+ and official 7” touch LCD screen running Moode audio as a digital source for my hifi. Had great fun putting it all together and great satisfaction creating a true audiophile player for my digital music collection that sounds stunning.

Hi, I’m Spanish, and my English is poor … I’m sorry.
Well, I’m a fan of video games and new to the world of pi, I hope to learn something here …

Hi, i discovered programming computers over 35 years a go and done nothing within the industry, i find my self looking at various programmes and building software on command lines, why did i not do this before does this make sense.
With the added bonus of having dyslexia,i no what im on about even if others dont, i have learned over the years to control my brain to mouth, just discovered the rasperry and this amazing site

Welcome, to the raspberry pi and Pimoroni . ,i discovered it almost 3 years ago now i think ,as for programming i’m still using examples to run my devices lol. I feel your Dyslexia pain ,I’m 65 and still trying to manage my brain to mouth …not doing so good …

Brony who uses pi from Florida, Palm Beach County. I’m gay like ponies and technology.

Hello, I am a newbie father, was a bit of a geek in the past, trying to get my 12 year old son into all this! All the best, Chris

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I was an Trs-dos MS-DOS BASIC & ansi BBS kid of the mid-late 80s & 90s (elemntary to High School). I am also a parent of 3, ten and younger. My oldest cares mostly for scratch and drawing/animating aspects of programs. My middle kid (like her Pop) found the file system , file transferring, and remote accessibility of desired software. I see offensive security in her future. She also find Scratch to her liking.
My youngest uses her pi for a desktop and play games online, watches youtube. Some Scratch.
All three of them enjoy Minecraft and local network gaming. Perhaps this (network games) is the most motivating to learn more for them.
As far as all the HATs and PHATs I have they could careless it seems.

We all use Raspbian(or similar linux) as our primary desktop environments, whether on a Pi or upcycled laptop/PC.

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Nice set up there! :)

I’m Mike and I am an IT Support Tech at a middle school in Los Angeles, USA. Most fun I’ve ever had at a job, there is nothing like walking into a class of 40 kids and having them cheer you, because you’ve come to fix something. I’m presently working on a project for our Makers Space Club, using RaspberryPi computers.

Hello, I am Ajit and have started using the PIM366, which is MLX90640 based thermal imaging device. Using this with a Raspberry Pi. Hope to see it work in a stable form.