Introduce yourself!

Brony who uses pi from Florida, Palm Beach County. I’m gay like ponies and technology.

Hello, I am a newbie father, was a bit of a geek in the past, trying to get my 12 year old son into all this! All the best, Chris

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I was an Trs-dos MS-DOS BASIC & ansi BBS kid of the mid-late 80s & 90s (elemntary to High School). I am also a parent of 3, ten and younger. My oldest cares mostly for scratch and drawing/animating aspects of programs. My middle kid (like her Pop) found the file system , file transferring, and remote accessibility of desired software. I see offensive security in her future. She also find Scratch to her liking.
My youngest uses her pi for a desktop and play games online, watches youtube. Some Scratch.
All three of them enjoy Minecraft and local network gaming. Perhaps this (network games) is the most motivating to learn more for them.
As far as all the HATs and PHATs I have they could careless it seems.

We all use Raspbian(or similar linux) as our primary desktop environments, whether on a Pi or upcycled laptop/PC.

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Nice set up there! :)

I’m Mike and I am an IT Support Tech at a middle school in Los Angeles, USA. Most fun I’ve ever had at a job, there is nothing like walking into a class of 40 kids and having them cheer you, because you’ve come to fix something. I’m presently working on a project for our Makers Space Club, using RaspberryPi computers.


Hello, I am Ajit and have started using the PIM366, which is MLX90640 based thermal imaging device. Using this with a Raspberry Pi. Hope to see it work in a stable form.

G’day from Adelaide, South Australia
Having fun with a RPi4
I’m semi retired, but did a bit of contract work this week (security scanning) using the RPi4 as a ARP poisoning and PCAP tool.

So who am I?

i am Vince, I have been around technology since I was six years old (1986!). I have gone from Vic 20’s to Commodore 64, Amgia 600 and then x86 80MHz PC’s.

I started my love of code when I realised I could hack games on the C64 to provide unlimited lifes and money!

My small claim to fame was some software called “CommandSuiteXL” *
At the time this got a lot of attention and broke my free hosting site and I needed to pay for hosting for the first time - and back in 2001 this was still expensive!

I started my love of hardware when I pulled apart my first VHS recorder and got it working again.
This followed by a Playstation original.
I have also repaired an iPhone or too (Original and 3g).

I now work full time as a 3rd line software support team leader in Colchester getting to both debug Visual studio based applications and hunt down performance issues in Microsoft SQL.

Hi All,

A little about myself.

Studied aerospace engineering, but my true passion is computer hardware and software.
I mainly write scripts in a derivative of C and groovy and have written in house apps in C# with MSSQL.
I am currently running 2 Raspberry Pi at home. RPi Model B+ is used for my rover and RPi 3 Model B is running for home automation.
I also love recycling old electronics and trying to give them a new lease of life.

Hi all,

I’m Dave from Virginia, USA. Like i8847 above me, I also enjoy recycling old electronics. My first Pi was a 2B and I now use new Pi models to power LCD screens from discarded laptops.

welcome aboard ,i do that with my Pi’s too,I also use 2 old gutted 23 inch Dell and Asus all-in -one computers

Hi all, I am Marcello from the Netherlands. I have some experience with Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Currently I am working on fun projects with the new Pi2Go-Mk2 🤖 robot from 4tronix. I try to get my young relatives involved (which are all in school ages), so my work may seem a little 🐻 childish now and then 😉. I use Pimoroni breakouts to enhance the robot (for now VL53L1X laser, 1.12" OLED and the ICM20948 gyroscope). I will place the sonar at the back of the robot, so it can look (measure) backwards to.

Last year I worked with the Pi2Go-1 🤖 robot. This week I made a short video of the two robots meeting each other: Pi2Go-Mk2 robot meets little brother (and predecessor) Pi2Go-1

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Computer scientist and chartered engineer working in SoC design, machine learning, big data, IoT and AI.

Hi all, how you doing? I am very new to hardware seen , but very keen and eager to learn. Got a couple of of project in mind. I’m from and InfoSec background.

I’m John. I’m very much an amateur with all things computing but I do enjoy getting stuck in. I’ve a few Raspberry Pis and am currently awaiting the arrival of a Zero. Also enjoy messing around with Microbit (it’s too much fun to leave it for the kids). I’ve way too many projects in mind and little clue how to bring them to a start, never mind completion. But they’s why I’m here. I’m a teacher in a primary school and I’m always telling the children, ‘Mess about with it. If you think it’s possible to do, it probably is. You just need to figure out how.’

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Hi. I’m Ben. I’m new to Pi. I picked up a Pi 3b for £1.50 in a cash converters and I’m now onto my second project with it. So far I built an arcade machine out of an iPad 3 lcd panel using a controller board and retropie. Now I’m working on building a portable arcade machine in a box.

welcome aboard , i use controller boards too ,but not for arcade game ,i 66 and never really did like computer gaming ,no hand eye coordination , i think my left brain side communicated with my ass and all i want to do it sit-down :)


I live Switzerland. Came here for Pi Zero :)

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Hi all! I live in Silverton, CO (that is the joke) USA
New to Raspberry Pi but have been programming for a while. I wrote my first “Hello World” on a ‘desk computer’. It was the size of a desk, had drum memory and paper tape. Early on lots of assembly and bit level stuff. Now not so much.

Current personal project uses an Arduino MAGA with a Motor Shield plus two custom boards to get to the GPIO pins. Also includes a Raspberry Pi 4B with a Servo HAT and 3 Servo Bonnets topped with (I hope) 2 Unicorn HD HATs. I also use 12 of the GPIO pins on the Pi to power LEDs.

I am struggling with the unicorn HD drivers

Hello all ,I am OldGit,been interested in Electronic on a hobby front since my teens (Late1960s) ,use to build valve amps,nothing great but they worked(sometimes).since retired from work have more time ,i have about six PIs two are zero w, the 3B+,4B/4gb,3A,they ll got they little tasks ,one zero,use for Pimoroni s Phat Dac it works brilliant,Anyway i not the best coder ( probably the worlds worst ha ha ) seriously not good at all but slowly getting there ,I glad i found this Forum, find it best helpful .
hopefully we grow together OldGit