Introduce yourself!

Hey, I’m Kim, and I teach in South Korea and am originally from Canada. I recently purchased an enviro+ and particulate matter sensor to keep an eye on my indoor air quality and give me a project for my two year old Pi 3b+.

Looking forward to seeing how others are using their Pis and get ideas for future projects.

Welcome To Pimoroni ,enjoy your Pi, and the great Pimoroni users help ,a fellow Canadain …:)

Hi, I’m Duncan, retired energy management engineer. Bought a Pi to play with during the lockdown . Followed the instructions to set up, but no output to monitor from HDMI ports. Any Ideas on what to do. Tried rebooting, changing cables, checking monitor HDMI port with output from laptop.
Any help will be greatly appreciated

Welcome to the forums. Best to start your own thread on that specific issue. I’d put it in Support. With its own specific title you’ll get more people seeing it. I’ll watch for it and post my suggestions there. :)

Took it all apart and started again, connected to router direct, plugged in and it worked.
Bad connection somewhere, suspect micro sd not inserted properly. Only a guess as I had it all back to pieces.
Thanks Duncan.

Hello I am Giulia from Italy, I would start programming and discovering raspberry and arduino.
I have yet arduino uno R3 and raspberry pi 4 b and box, fan and lcd 3.5 inches.
I need for rpi 4 b a box that can contain both fan and lcd 3.5 inches (7 inches for future).
I know you have product fan shim, is it possible to use fan shim and lcd both together in a case/box?
thank you ;)

Hello I’m Jonathan, originally from South Africa but now based in Dubai, UAE. I’m a software developer by day and well… a software developer by night! :D I have a background in engineering but haven’t played with any electronics since varsity. Bought 2 pi’s to play with during lockdown and setup pi-hole on 1. Once I had bought them, I found the Pimoroni shop and like basically fell in love with all the unicorn phats, hats and whats! So shiny!

welcome, but be careful its addicting ,enjoy

I’m Ray an old timer in the world of electronics and RF. However, not done any coding since early 80’s working on microcontrollers using ASM 80/86. So now that I am retired, I have just started meddling in the raspberry pi. Just acquired a pi zero w and a pirate audio board which I plan to use to stream a few internet radio stations from. Looking forward to the process in anticipation of spending some quality time. (Wife has a different view which entails decorating the spare bedroom etc.)

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RF is very interesting to me lately. welcome. I look forward to reading more of your work you may share.

Fed up your pi servo hat just gives me this shit

every time

No idea why ?

Hi. Im Muhammad Omer. I am interested in using raspberry pi for difderent projects but i am a complete newby. I am a medical Doctor and want to do this as a hobby

Definitely check out via searchers the programs available in the add/remove program selection of Raspbian Desktop. There is soooo much there from electrical engineering, to genome studies. I find it a valuable resource that no other “play store” can compare too

Hi there, I’m Arpi and I joined Pimoroni to meet others using Raspberry Pi. I have a growing interest in Linux and especially networking and virtualization. I am lucky as I have a job also in this area so I can flow my passion into this at work as well as at home - lines are blurred these days anyways. I have a temptation for bragging that I try to consciously balance by my genuine interest in others and deep wish to belong to a team.

Hi everybody,

I’m Vlad, I’m a Full Stack developer, but in my free time I started some years ago to play with an arduino board. And now, I’m trying to do the same with Raspberry Pi Zero

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Hey everyone. I am a developer and network engineer, adviser and pi head. I ordered the first on June 2011, it finally arrived sometime around the end of that year or the beginning of 2012, I can’t remember exactly. I have been working with them since and building a number of things like wildlife monitors, security cameras and sensors, pi holes and such. I had what I called HAL .9000 going for a while with a big red eye and a couple cameras that could do some basic communication and crack jokes about trump when someone entered the room. I made some code changes to add a bunch of new functions, made a backup and had the new HAL .9001 going for a few days. I decided to change the case and add a new display, but cracked the SD card and could not get the backup to restore. That was the absolutely worst day in all of py life. After much regret and remorse for those two silly mistakes I bought the new Pi 4 and an Arduino 2560 for the first time a few months later and have finally recovered. HAL .9002 just needs a new WR. I guess I should write one up and submit it to myself.

Hi, I’m Simon from Belgium. I guess I started using my first RPi B+ in 2014 when I broke my ankle. I used it for years as a Media Player (Plex), since a half year I’m using my brothers A+ with Music Box so I can stream my music from my cellphone to my radio without shitty bluetooth connection while I’m working on my motorcycles. Since then I got the connection back with the RPi. So Now I got a Sunflower video car (in connection with the old B+), a 4B for making a new file/mediaServer, some ZeroW including the Pirate Radio for my son. This was my latest project what wasn’t that easy to get it fully working. Still trying to get the vlc radio to start at 08.00 in the morning as an alarm radio (with use of the buttons of phatbeat). If anyone can help me with this, please let me know. For now I just let the Pi reboot at 07.59 to get it playing music at 8’ish.

My Name is Tony.
I purchased I Picade Hat for my pi 3b+ and I would like to know how to remove all the software
i installed from your github


Try this
cd pimoroni
cd picade-hat
sudo ./
sudo reboot

Hi Longtime computer enthusiast, just getting started with raspberry pi. I’m interested in trying to put together automotive performance monitors. I may lurk more than participate but I’ll be around… My name is Scott and I’m retired from nursing, most of that in invasive cardiology. As we went to all digital systems I discovered I was the only one that knew how it worked when it wouldn’t behave.I’m an information vacuum and good at mixing modalities that don’t usually work together. I live in Northern California and grew up a military brat, didn’t follow in my father’s footsteps primarily because I don’t play well with others