IO Expander breakout technical diagram

I’m looking for the technical diagram of the IO Expander Breakout (PIM517), does anyone have it ?
I will put the breakout on another pcb so I need information (holes diameters, …)
On the product page, I found only external dimensions 26x24.5mm
Thanks in advance

You’ll likely have to contact tech support for that info.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support - Pimoroni

Thanks for the answer.
I already use this contact form, last week(09/24/2023) but no answer yet. It’s for that i asked this here, to know if anyone have it.

Ah, OK, your one step ahead of me.
The grid spacing is 2.54 mm for the pins, same as it is on the Pi GPIO header.
The slight offset between the solder pads is so the header doesn’t fall out while soldering.