Is it possible/necessary to synchronise ON/OFF?

I’m very new to the Raspi and would appreciate some advice please…

I would like to put together my own music player/juke box setup, maybe not original but it’s a start!
So basic set-up would involve a pi 2+, Hi-Fi Berry amp, 7" display, plus an external USB drive for mp3 collection etc.

However my question refers to control of the components listed above - does the Pi control the ON/OFF to all this? Particularly if using an external drive how does one achieve it all starting in sync and stopping after Reading is finished?

Any thoughts, reassurances would be appreciated. Thanks.

I’m not sure if you are querying the exact process of shutting down the media server? Issuing a boot or shutdown in software will take care of powering up/down peripherals, at least if they are not externally powered.

… it sounds like what you want to do is exactly what Volumio or Kodi provides. If audio only my advisce would go to take a look at Volumio, it’s IMO a wonderful specialist distribution for that purpose!

(if I misunderstood your question, apology, maybe you were referring to syncing the music library itself, which is something you should be able to configure the way you want).

Thanks for the speedy reply, and no misunderstanding! Strange how a simple spoken question, I at at least often find tortuous to explain written…

I remember Kodi from days of old - will certainly have a look, will I recognise it !! Volumio is new to me, so that’s my next bit of reading.

Volumio supports the official touchscreen specifically, which is AFAIK a unique feature currently. I can’t say I have tried it as my (volumio based) media server is headless, but certainly something I’m keen to try at some point, time permitting.