Is VLC a requirement for Phat Beat?


I have been rocking a phat beat for a few months now - learned a lot along the way. All good stuff. One of the more pleasurable experiences I have encountered is to use Mopidy with Phat Beat, so normally I have to stop VLC after boot, as I loaded VLC radio using the one line installers, and enabled the services to play automagically upon startup.
Now I kinda regret the VLC auto start and am wondering if there is a way to remove VLC radio, but leave the LED display and meter fully operable. I am running a headless setup, only interested in audio.
FWIW - I am wondering if many of the audio issues that many threads are mentioning is a function of VLC radio, not the beat of phat. Mopidy seems to be a huge leap in audio quality once I stop VLC and move to Mopidy.


Pirate Radio Audio Issue - Scratchy

VLC is not a requirement, you can:

sudo systemctl disable vlcd

And it wont autostart.