JavaFX Linechart points not displaying when running on RaspPi 3

Hello, I have a nice little RaspPi 3 project going involving taking the temperature, storing it in a database and displaying the result on a Unicorn HAT HD (what a wonderful piece of kit by the way!). I have this all running in a dual JavaFX/Python setup which I am happy with… except when I run the program on the Pi the temperature points are not displayed in the JavaFX Linechart. They are however displayed when I run the program on my PC.

Anyone had any joy with charts in JavaFX on a Pi? I am not wedded to JavaFX it is just what I know so I am open to other ways!


Edward Jones

I have an answer! It is not as neat as using the JavaFX LineChart component but JavaFX seems to be a strange beast on the Pi (or at least ARM based systems?) as you can do lots of things but certain things like alert boxes and line charts are oddly absent.

Anyway my solution was to use a webview, create an HTML page with the line chart code in (using Google Charts) and then display that HTML file. This displays the graph that I want, there is a small delay so wouldn’t imagine any good for realtime display but it suits my needs!