Jetson Nano barral Jack stopped working because of Rasp pi Pan-Tilt HAT

I have been using the nano for the past two weeks and everything has been running smoothly. I have it using a 5v power supply and a jumper on the J48 pins. I also am using a hat made for the raspberry pi on it with a servo. I was using the servo and I was holding it and when I went to set it down the screen went black and the barrel jack is not taking power. I can still power it with the USB port but I don’t know if I can safely use the servo with it. This is the second nano I have used with this problem and want to know what I’m doing wrong.

ps. This is the servo and the hat I have been using


I am running into the same issue and looking for a solution. Here is a response from the Nvidia forums and hoping to get some validation from a Pimoroni Engineer.

Thank you in advance.

I had this issue too