Joystick: Diagonal directions not working

Hello fellow arcade lovers,

I have almost finished my picade setup. But while testing several games, I noticed that that two of the four diagonal directions didn’t have any effect (left-down & right-down) . This makes he joystick nearly worthless in games like Raiden etc. I was wondering if this is normal behavior or if I should tweak some mechanics on the joystick? I have the blue (retail?) picade pcb for which I don’t know how to check the firmware. I am running retropie 4.1 on a rpi3.

You can remove plastic guide from the rear of the joystick or reposition it to give different configurations, I just took mine off.

Had the same problem (see: Zippy Joystick Diagonals). Removing the restrictor plates did the trick.

Hi guys, gals,

thanks for the tips. Removing both restrictor plates did the trick!