Kano - can I run Rockpool using the Kano OS?


Self explanatory. Using Kano OS on RasberryPi 2. The installation script seems very happy - but no sign of Rockpool having been installed after rebooting.


I suspect KanoOS is looking in a different place, or perhaps not at all, for the menu contents.

You should be able to run python /opt/rockpool/rockpool.py manually to launch it.


Thanks for the response. I seem to be able to launch Rockpool by going to http:/flotil.la/rockpool.

Running rockpool from Terminal launches the browser, but with a directory listing for the root directory - and doesn’t appear to start Rockpool.


Don’t know enough about Kano OS to go delving as to what might be going wrong. But I had always thought that it was just a repackaging of Rasberian with a more child friendly set of applications.


it sounds like the required port is blocked, a service or process might be hogging it.


couldn’t remember the command from the top of my head. Try:

sudo lsof -i :8000

It should give you a clue as to what process has claimed the port.