hello mouse and keyboard not working with pi… both work when I plug in to a PC/mac. am unable to log in to pi bc I can’t even put the pass word in. they are plugged directly in to double usb in the pi



I’ve found that re installing the NOOBs software on the card can help with this.
I don’t know if anyone has any better suggestions?



Have you ever had the mouse/keyboard working with the Pi?

Does the light in the bottom of the mouse light up?


Hi thanks for the replies. They worked originally but after 2 x stopped working. I will check the mouse power light later. I have read elsewhere it could be a power issue? is this what you were thinking?


thanks will give it a try.


It’s possibly it could be a power issue, but unlikely. Mice and keyboards don’t draw much power, and they probably wouldn’t suddenly stop working.

It might be worth trying just the keyboard on its own, to see if that makes a difference too.


Hi @gadgetoid ok back home now- tried the mouse and indeed no light underneath. Also tried keyboard on it’s own and no luck. could the USB port have failed? The SD card is the raspberry pi one preloaded so not sure if its worth reformatting that. Really dumb question probably but i seem to remember when you log in you dont actually see the letters you are typing for the log in and password. could it be that Im just using the wrong log in details?


You would see the letters you’re typing for the username, but not the password, so you’d definitely know if the keyboard is not working. It sounds a lot like your USB has failed, but I can’t imagine why!

It could be worth reformatting the SD card just to be certain, are you familiar with the process of restoring it? And, more importantly, backing it up if you’ve got any work on there you want to save?

The alternative would be trying it in another Pi and see if it works ( if you can get your hands on one ), but not a B+. If you’ve had the card for a while, then the result of trying to use it in a B+ would incidentally be the USB not working since it wont have the right drivers!


I noticed that certain peripherals will not work… my gaming mouse did not work first go so i used the standard mouse.
I would recommend you try a very basic mouse and keyboard to test, if that does not work update this thread. :)