La Palma Volcano

Hi, I live in Tenerife and bought an Enviro+ and pS sensor a couple of years ago. Most of the time out here the air quality is very good, so apart from general interest there isn’t much to look at. The La Palma volcano changed that, so I dug out my enviro system and set it up, It’s taken me a while to get to look at the data, the first couple of weeks I was building an outside enclosure , protected from the sun to see what I could measure.

I finally got to regular measurements a couple of weeks ago. I sample the air every 31.3 secs( I aimed for 30 secs, but forgot sampling times). I modified the programmes to write data to append a file, this I then access from my Linux desktop machine. We don’t have much problem here, the wind has been blowing the cloud out over the Atlantic, every now and then we get some peaks.

I’me amassing quite a large file of data, so had to go to Panda to try to visualise it!

I can see PS values rise , temp , press and hum are also obvious. I have concerns about the gas sensors. I suspect the three sensors are all the same metal oxide, running at different temps, so mostly they correlate with each other. (This shouldn’t happen if one is oxidising, the second is reducing gas and the third is NH3.)
It’s still interesting, i spent my working life trying to develop NO2 sensors, so it brings back memories from about 30 years ago! ( We used organic semiconductors). I have a website I don’t use for much so I’ll upload my data file, then if anyone is interested they can have a look!

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