LCD shutter

Hi, recently took delivery of each size of the LCD Shutters. Can you advise, can they be directly connected to (and controlled by) either an Arduino or Raspberry Pi - I’m mostly thinking of the current required…



As near as I can tell, the panel is based upon the TN effect. See:

The liquid crystal inside the panel is twisted at 0v (at rest) and then re-aligned when a voltage is applied across the panel.

Since the planes of the panel are not electrically connected, you can think of the panel as a very low value capacitor with a layer of insulating crystal. The current consumed to charge this capacitor is nominal, and for your purposes you can probably assume it to be near-zero.

So, in short, yes, you should be able to use an IO pin on the Raspberry Pi, or Arduino, to switch the state of the shutter.

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Thanks Gadgetoid - I’ve just connected straight to a Pi and it simply works!