LED Shim + Automation HAT together an issue?

Hi all. First post here.

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and added an LED Shim, downloaded the library and all that, ran a few of the sample python scripts and all good. Then I added an Automation HAT, downloaded the library for that and all that, created a few scripts and all good. However. Since installing the Automation HAT, the LED Shim will no longer work and returns and error. (Sorry I don’t have this handy!) Even after removing the Automation HAT (with power off of course) I get an error. In other words, the LED Shim refuses to work again. I tried re-downloading the Shim library figuring I did something wrong there. I hope I didn’t short out the Shim or something.

These two should work together? Any other issues?

Pinout for the LED Shim is here, it uses i2c address 0x75

Pinout for the Automation Hat is here, it uses 0x48 and 0x54 for i2c addresses

I don’t see any conflicts? How do you have the LED Shim connected? If by friction fit that may be your issue? If your error is an IO error my bet is its just not making good contact with all the GPIO pins it needs to work.

Hmmm. Given the LED Shim pin requirements, that could very well be the problem. If I’m reading it correctly, I need pins 3,4,5 and some ground. The holes on the side of odd-numbered pins are very open (not very friction-y!) whereas the holes on the side of even-numbered pins do seem to be somewhat tighter. I’d really rather not solder if possible … Let me give it another try.

I “think” the way it goes is the round holes are your standard solder holes. The oval, flatter ones are the friction fit ones.
I have two LED shims in use here. I soldered mine, but that was because I mounted then vertically instead of horizontally and beside my Pi not on it.
You need to ground physical Pin 6 and 20 or it won’t work. Found that out the hard way.

Okay after I wiggle the shim a bit, it stopped getting the “IOError: [Errno 121] Remote I/O error” and worked so I guess the friction fit isn’t working properly. I guess I need to solder pins, 3,4,5,6 and 20? Based on the pin-out you gave. Thanks for the help.

Yes 3,4,5,6 and 20.
4 > +5V
6 > ground
20 > ground
3 > SDA
5 > SCL

If I remeber correctly you don’t get any IO errors if you don’t connect pin 20, but non of the LEDs will lite up.