LED Shim on Libreelec

Is it possible to get this working on Libreeelec with an addon? It has GPIO support in the form of Raspberry Pi Tools addon

I doubt it. Does that addon support i2c communication? The Ledshim works via i2c and Python code.

What was your plan VU meter?

Yes, afaik I2C LCD matrix’s are supported: https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/968-lcd-16x2/?postID=6150#post6150


Plan was just to make my RPi case look pretty but if possible maybe VU meter for playback or even a playback progress. CPU load would be handy for games. Wi-Fi signal meter maybe.
Tbh if I could just get the larson.py going I’d be happy :D

I’m no expert on this but what you linked to is for an LCD display, a graphics text display. For showing song title etc as near as I can tell. I’m not saying you can’t get it to drive the Ledshim, but I think its going to be a challenge. I have no idea where to start.
I have two LEDshims here. One is running as a thermometer via python code running in Raspbian. A portable weather station. The other is waiting on more parts to be put in use in another project.
The Speaker pHat or pHat Beat may be easier to setup as a VU meter. They use alsa as far as I know.
The pHat Beat page says, Software installer and ALSA VU meter plugin

Yea I’m not talking about using that add-on to drive the shim but I’m just saying it looks technically feasible that it could work with the right add-on developed for LE if the LCD works and is I2C as well. I’m not a dev either so not likely I’m going to be able to do this myself.

Ok, I’m on the same page now. I don’t have those skills either. I’m not sure there is any incentive for somebody to tackle it to be honest? I’m not saying it wouldn’t be cool, but finding somebody that wants to do the work might be tough.

Sure, people’s time is expensive. Is there anyone here who could detail what packages the shim uses at least?

I would say start here, https://github.com/pimoroni/led-shim
Then figure out what the installer does.