Lipo Shim Battery current requirements (C rating)

In order to “Supply up to 1.5A continuous current”, what is the current-delivery requirements of the battery? I can’t seem to find that documented anywhere.

I’m referring to the C value of the Lipo…continuous and burst delivery rating ( or maximum discharge current ability.)

Example…using a 2200mah 3.7V Lipo with a standard 0.2C discharge, how does this device " Supplies up to 1.5A continuous current" at 5V? Or does it not?

Finding the C rating (and the burst V rating even more) is sometimes difficult.

I’m using a 5000mAH Lipo with standard 0.2C discharge. I know my 5V project uses about 250ma continuous, but burst requirements up to 600ma. Using a name-brand 5V up converter, I still get an underpowered signal from my device.

Will devices based on this TI chip buffer the infrequent 600ma current pull and not give me an underpowered situation?

My only other chance is trying higher C rating batteries–but I cant find one that has the characteristics that I need.