Manual installation

is their a way to manually install the hyperpixel4 image on an sd card because I am unable to connect to the internet with my raspberry pi (running retropie) can somebody please help?

You could grab a zip file of the repository from GitHub and drop it on the /boot partition of your Pi, then copy that over to your home directory, unzip and run as normal.

could you maybe explain it a bit more
(I am quite new to all of this)

Grab this file:

Put your RetroPie SD card into your computer and move it onto the BOOT drive that shows up.

Unmount your RetroPie SD card and pop it into your Pi. Boot it up.

Hit F4 to exit EmulationStation

cp /boot/ ~/

cd into the new hyperpixel4 directory, not sure exactly what it will be called, and run:

sudo ./