Microsoft + GitHub = Empowering Developers

Anybody else see this? Thoughts? I’m not sure how I feel about this? A little apprehensive to be honest.

I am a tiny bit apprehensive, but on the whole optimistic that there might be an opportunity in this to convince a newly directed GitHub that some of our long-standing bugbears could do with a fix, as a little gesture of good faith to the community.

They could start by having issue tracking for issues with GitHub itself, and feature suggestions. Their lack of transparency with this feels a little hypocritical.

I’m really digging a lot of Microsoft’s OSS projects right now- PXT/MakeCode and Visual Studio Code are great. In fact I’m pretty okay with Windows and Visual Studio proper- they’re certainly not all bad.

We’ll certainly not be migrating away from GitHub, since the community aspect is a large part of the package for our public-facing libraries. Contributions are few and far between as it is, without isolating ourselves away on another, less established platform, or on opaque self-hosted git platform.

As I said on Twitter: I’m in it for the Hub, not the Git. While other offerings have the Git in droves, they’re missing the Hub.

I’m not that knowledgeable on it myself. I’m more into the hardware side of tinkering. The software is what I have to do when I turn the soldering iron off. ;) Hopefully there aren’t going to be any negative side effects from this. Time will tell. I was interested in feed back from those “in the know” so thanks for your comments. They are always appreciated.

The old me is shocked and horrified. But I’m trying to give MS the benefit of the doubt. They put a Linux engine in Win10, and seem to have done it well, and it’s not a limited/half effort implementation. It’s not the '90s and 'aughts any more, MS has real competitors that outpaced them. I’m new to rPi and because of that, very appreciative about how much help there is on GitHub. Between that and pypi it defines the Pi software for me.

I am little apprehensive too. Microsoft historically have a habit of buying and destroying good products. The new Microsoft however is somewhat up in the air and confusing and I feel they at least need a chance.

GitHub is a wonderful site and I would hate to see it destroyed within a few years.

As a Senior .Net developer I am not a massive fan of their recent decisions regarding the Windows platform. The app store / UWP is a massive disaster and for someone who mainly writes front end desktop apps for business it means we have had to go years without any enhancements to the WPF platform.

I find Windows 10 so annoying that I only use it for Visual Studio and to launch games. I do everything else in Ubuntu where my computer only does what I tell it to.

.Net core is exciting but still very much in its infancy and reading Nadella’s ‘Hit Refresh’ book shows that Microsoft are solely interested in the cloud / machine learning at the moment.

So yeah I have some beef with Microsoft but I have a feeling they will keep GitHub going OK. My main concern is that they will start monetizing it in some way (should not affect me as I am a paying user anyway) or start integrating other sites like Linked in and Facebook with it.

I will not be rushing to migrate my source code or anything like that. Unless they really mess things up I believe its still going to be the best offering of its kind.

I guess whether or not the Linux repository moves might prove symbolic.

I’m a Microsoft MVP, well Windows Insider MVP now, until the 1st of July anyway. I didn’t apply to be renewed this year. It was exciting and fun when I was first accepted as a Microsoft MVP. Then the shake up happened and all the MVP’s on the consumer side got tossed under the bus into the new Windows Insider MVP Program. It’s been down hill ever since IMHO.
Then Windows 8 came out, and now 10. QA seems to have taken a back seat to get it out there. Patch Tuesday more often than not ends up being crash Tuesday.
A lot of times I get the impression the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Too many cooks IMHO. That’s what makes me nervous about this acquisition.