Missing LED LoL


Recived my order today and one of the PiStop traffic lights is missing it’s centre LED. I don’t want to mess about posting to and throw. So I just wanted a suggestion for what type of LED I could put in it’s place. I have a lot of throw hole ones which are quite small but I don’t know too much about LED’s and if it could damage my RPi. I brought 4 as I wish to uses them as indicators on my PiCluster.

Here is a picture.


I don’t know for sure, but I’d be very surprised if that wasn’t an 0603 size SMD LED. You can buy them all over t’internet, just search ‘0603 smd led’ on eBay or similar. I recently picked up some rather nice purple ones, so you could really confuse everyone by having a weird coloured traffic light!

Alternatively, those LEDs are commonplace in modern electronics. If you have an old PCB, just look for a yellow LED which looks the same as the others on the board.

LEDs can’t damage the pi - if you put the wrong one in it just might not light up or light very bright. You could use a thru-hole one for sure.


You’d be more than welcome to return it for a new, intact one, Richard? If so, then email support@pimoroni.com and we’ll get sorted out with a replacement.

Like Archie says, they’re 0603 LEDs, which you should be able to pick up on eBay fairly cheaply. They’re easy to solder too. Just make sure that you get it the right way round, or you’ll fry it. I don’t think it would do any damage to your Pi though, just the LED itself.