MotePhat closing window causes it to freeze


So considering i have no idea to get it to work i just copied “rainbow” from the gitHub and ran it inside my PC case for cool LED effects. However when I close the black python window the LEDs just freeze and I need to start ti again.

Advice? Also does it have any memory to run at startup or do i need to schedule a task to run in windows?

I do not have a raspberry connected to the motePhat

I think you’ll need one of

to make an executable file that you can run at startup.

Whoa, is there a tutorial for this ?

Mote pHAT? how are you running it on your PC? do you mean its Atmel based brother?

but yes the PyInstaller doc has very clear outline of the process… in fact that is what we used to make the Mote demo:

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This is what window im talking about, how would I hide it? (at least to tray)

Also, how would I increase brightness in your demos? I can’t see a parameter for that

As for how im running it

It is in my pc case usb from pc goes to usb on mote pHAT.

there is no USB on Mote pHAT, I think you are confusing products, the pHAT is Pi only.

Not that it matters, I had figured as much but be aware of the difference if you contact us in the future about your product, it might not be as obvious to us next time you are not using the Mote pHAT (particularly if you have switched to a Pi by then).

Regarding the demo, it is an executable made from the script in the repo. It is just that, a demo, to confirm there is no hardware failure primarily, I think you can minimize the window to the task bar?

ultimately you are running Python, in a console, so that window will always exist, unless you find a way to code a BAT exe script or something else that does some trickery… I think that’s possible but I’m not a PC guy so can’t really help with that I’m afraid.

this is what im runnig, so sorry for confusing it with the phat.

yes, the big chip just below the logo is an Atmel chip, an Arduno if you like (though that is an abuse of language but it may help you understand what is driving the board).

anyhow, have a look at PyInstaller, I can’t remember, there might be options to make self-hiding executables, though I doubt it, that is not really its purpose but it’s possible some advanced features like this are available.

also check Py2exe, that @major_tomm suggested above, it may also have useful options that may help with your requirements.