New Artwork for Picade Cabinet

Unknown243 (@) Gmail dot com

Thanks. So. Much!!
A million kudos. Can I donate somewhere?

Well apparently I don’t know my own email. I edited before. is correct.

Thanks again !!

OK I will get it to you to ogbt. I am. Moving and I need to hook up my pc.

No worries! Take your time, and good luck with the move :))

@angel77lopez I’m new here. I’ve been trying to print this using a cricut maker cutting machine but apparently the size is too big so I guess I’ll have to use cardstock through my printer. When you get a chance could you send me the files for donkey kong and pacman. I bought my picade a month ago so it’s fairly new. It’s the 8 inch screen. My email is
Thanks and keep up the good work.

I sent it to you…

I sent it to you……

Thanks a lot. Was hoping it would work on the wife’s cricut machine but says it’s too big so I’ll have to print it on my printer

What software do you need to print these out

I don’t print them. I took mine to my local print shop. As reference I took the art work my picade came with.

@Wheelhorse I made this account just so I could see if I could get the high res files for the Mario Bros Picade from you?? New v2 8 inch Picade, Full kit including the sides.
I can drop you my email
Thanks so much!

2018 Picade Full OutRun

Well that is much better than mine lol. Nice.

Can you post all your PSD or XCF (GIMP) files if any? I can help you for the hosting of these files…

I have them on a hard drive. They are too big to post here. That’s why I save a pad file and then convert to png and jpeg to post here.

@Wheelhorse I am late to the scene but wow am I astounded at the quality of work you have put into the artwork, they look amazing. @cottonpickers Thank you for sharing the link to the printers, your picade looks incredible especially with the plasma buttons.

Is there any chance you can share how you managed to fit the panels on a A2 sized print? I want to do something similar using the Tron and Puzzle Bubble designs.

I would be grateful. emailused4onlineorders at gmail dot com

I used Corel draw, but I’m sure you could use any graphics program. Once the ‘page size’ is set I just kept rotating stuff and shuffling it around til it fit. I recall re-arranging them differently from how wheelhorse has them currently. If I can find the file I used I’ll take a screen shot to show how they were laid out but it was just rotating and trial and error really. I just took a look back at this thread. There are some amazing picades. I still love mine