New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


ok sure, I can’t find the PM thing, either I am too tired or just too new to use it. so I will just put my alt email here. Thanks much!


I cant figure out how to PM… I am getting old I guess…I’d love to get the PSD for that if you still have it. I am at the preliminary stages of building the Picade unit and possibly 4-5 more as xmas presents. Id like ot be able to do the sides as well and the bezel around the screen. I got the control panel and marquee from angel, but just missing the others. Thanks in advance!



Which ones do you need. I can send you anything that I have. I can also try to make you the art if there are hi res images available.


Ok great! Mostly the side panels and screen bezel.



Switched out my artwork. It was not easy to switch it but I like better with this one.


Looks awesome. Especially with the retrorama theme!


I have sides made for Donkey Kong. PM your email address and I will send them to you. Let me know your preferred file type.


Could I get a better version of these graphics (e.g. PSD)? So, so cool


Which ones are you wanting?


Here is a Star Wars themed set that I am working on. I am not happy with the screen art, and may update it later.


wow that is amazing…The side art looks so good. Maybe use some of that in the screen art if you don’t like the current one.



Or get a 12“ and forget about the screen bezel ;)


Good ideas. I’ll keep playing with it.


So I am guessing I can’t print these from a regular printer? Any recommendations on the kind of paper that works best?



I think it says a3 or a4 paper. Honestly I took one last week to a local print shop and asked them to print it on business card thickness paper. It turned out great.