New Artwork for Picade Cabinet



Got my new Picade kit in the mail today. Scanned in the sides, front, and top at 300dpi for a new template.

This is for the new smaller (Aug2018) Picade design.



Thank you for the scans!!



can you email me your blank side tempalte?


The TRON theme looks awesome. Thank you.





Do you have any art work of Mrs Pacman or anything that is more for a young girl. My daughter would love to change the artwork for her new Picade!



I have done a Ms Pacman. Scroll up to page 545 and check it out. if you like it PM me with your email address I can send you a printable file. If you would like a different theme for her, let me know and I will do my best to help.



hey there, love your designs. i’m new to picade, how can i find a printable file for your artwork (definitely looking for the pacman for Picade v2!!!) … also, once I have a printable file, what size / stock paper should be used? Thanks a bunch :)


@Wheelhorse When you get a chance, I would love the X-Men art in the new template.



This artwork is amazing, I just built my Picade (prior version rather than new version) and would love a complete Donkeykong or Pacmac set of artwork for the whole cabinet. Would it be possible to get those files? Thanks 🙏


Hello All,

I am refurbishing my Kickstarter Picade and would love to have some of this artwork.

Preferably PacMan or Defender; hopefully side panels, marquee, control panel and front fascia.

Only thing is, the original KS ‘Maxi’ has different dimension to the later versions; bigger screen, 8 control panel buttons etc.

I have already found a vinyl printing place, so if some kind soul could put together some artwork I would be eternally grateful.

The dimensions can be found in this thread here:

Many thanks,



I will take a look at it on Monday.


That would be brilliant.

Thank You !