New picade two problems, please help if you can!


Hello, I built the newly updated picade last week but I have two issues I cannot fix alone and google has not really helped so I need you guys

1: I have a sound delay/lag in Mameforall its like 1.5 second delay in all mame games, press fire and although it immediately shoots onscreen, the shoot sound effect is around 1.5 seconds later which is quite annoying!

2: I cannot get ANY ZX Spectrum games to work, they all immediately crash to the boot message “© Sinclair Research 1982”. I’ve tried using different games, different format games, zipped or not zipped and it’s the same with all. (But the games work fine on my win 7 Speccy emulator!?)

if you could help me with either of these problems, it would be super.

I’m using the new picade with the retropie-4.4-rpi2_rpi3.img image file.