No sound from pHat Dac now

I bought a phat dac for a pi zero w about 4 years ago, and now all at once there is no sound out. The media is playing, the speaker makes a noise when I unplug and replug in the audio line jack, so I can only assume that the phat dac is no longer working.
I have rebooted the pi zero a couple of times, and checked the settings in volumio.

The output device is pHAT DAC, and the model is pHAT DAC, also the DSD playback mode is set at DSD Direct.
Does that look right.

Is there any way I can check it to see if it works ok or not.

Ok, after burning a fresh image of volumio, and starting again, there is now sound out of the speaker from the media I am playing.

The phat dac is still working ok, phew!