Onoff shim for pi4?

Any plans to create an onoff shim for the pi4?

@JonF We have something along those lines in the works… It’s called Utility HAT, and it has USB-C power input (that back-powers the Pi 4) and on/off capability, a speed-controllable fan, 240x240 colour LCD, four buttons, and an RGB LED, as well as I2C expansion. Should be out in the next couple months, hopefully.

Thanks, but I was just hoping for the simple on/off functionality. I have clusters of Pis mounted vertically and was looking for a nice way to power on and off via a button press.

It should be entirely possible to use OnOff SHIM as it is currently with a Pi 4 and a 2.5A micro-B power supply, providing you don’t have any power-hungry peripherals attached. I’ll solder one I have here up and confirm that it does indeed work, but I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t…

There’s a chance that we’ll do an updated version with USB-C too, but in the meantime give the current one a shot.

Yep, confirmed working on my Pi 4 with full power and on/off functionality from an official Raspberry Pi 2.5A micro-B power supply (the black one)…

Nice, I’ll give that a try!

I could confirm, that the OnOff Shim doesn’t support a Raspberry Pi 4B with below listed peripherals:

  •  analog speakers (Trust Compact 2.0, 6 Watts peak). The Power is drained via USB connection from the Pi.
  • Neuftech card reader connected via USB)
  • 27" Monitor (Dell U2715H) connected via HDMI
  • Powerbank (EasyAcc PB26000MS) as power supply

However, connecting the power bank directly via USB-C plug works like a charm. See also OnOff Shim @ Pi 4 - Unter-voltage issues?

Shut down can be done via a button press, if that helps. It won’t completely remove power but it will do a proper shutdown. If you add the following to your config.txt, momentarily grounding GPIO 3 (physical pin 5) will have Raspbian do a proper shutdown.
That same button will also boot it back up if you don’t remove power. A normally open momentary switch wired between GPIO 3 and ground will work.
If you have i2c enabled you need to use a different GPIO pin though. I use the following with my Fan Shim.
The button on the Fan Shim grounds GPIO 3 and 17 when pressed.

Sandy you can put me down for at least one Utility Hat when released. =)

Please forgive in case I just overlooked the obvious. I am hoping to find an on/off button enabling a soft-shutdown including power cut at the end. If I got it right, the OnOff-Shim provides that.
But, can I also use that Shim to have power cut in case I trigger the soft-shutdown remotely eg. in the terminal?

I can’t say 100% but I would think it would still pull that GPIO pin low on shutdown and kill the power. If it does it via a dtoverlay like dtoverlay=gpio-poweroff it will for sure.