P4 heatsink COM3104

What effect does this heat sink have on the wifi from a P4? … range , function etc

I tested this with iperf3 a few month ago, and my results are:

  • 2.4GHz: throughput dropped from about 50MBit/s to 30MBit/s
  • 5GHz: no change in throughput, I have about 90MBit/s with and without the heatsink

I did not test Bluetooth, but as far as I know Bluetooth also uses the 2.4GHz band.

From my point of view the results are a bit “strange” since I would expect more dampening at 5GHz than at 2.4GHz. But dampening is in respect to signal-strength, and I measured throughput which depends on more than the signal strength.

Many thanks bablokb.