Pan-tilt hat alignment issue


I hope you can help me. I bought a pan-tilt hat recently. When I ask it to point at (0,0) it points off at an angle that’s not along an axis of the motherboard. Is it supposed to? Should it be calibrated somehow? Can I realign it myself? Any advice would be gratefully received.

This is the model:

Example code:

Thank you in advance.


I noticed that too but I think the easiest thing would simply for you to establish your own numbers and use the offset in your code.

I have two full pan tilt kits. Both had the servo’s not centered. I suspect who ever does the assembly at Adafruit, isn’t making sure the servos are centered before building the Pan Tilt.
What I did with both of mine was to set both servo’s to 0 0. Then carefully disasemble the Pan Tilt, being careful not to move the servo’s. Then reassemble it with things lined up correctly. It may not line up perfect but you can get it pretty close. If you do that you should get the full range of movement. Other wise one of the servos could hit the end of travel and buzz or skip, maybe even damage something. I’m pretty sure its not Pimoroni’s fault, they only make the Hat part. The rest they get from Adafruit.

What Crowbot posted will work. If they aren’t way off it may be the easier option. Kind of depends on what rang of motion you want or need.