Pi 3B+ USB Power cable?

Is there a list of Pi 3B+ USB power cables that actually work?

I am running this particular Pi from a 12-5.1v converter, and so far all the power cables have been a bit rubbish. I’ve taken to cutting off the USB connector from a Pi PSU, as the wires are nice and thick and hence there is no volt drop. We might need in excess of 10-100+ of these, so purchasing a quality supply is important.

I am aware that the 5.1 supply could be soldered directly on the PCB, but again I would rather not do this.

The standard, when followed for USB 2 is 500 ma per port max. Not the 2.5A or 3A that the Pi power supply can deliver. That’s why the wires are on the thin side. Plus it makes the cable a lot more flexible. Most USB devices won’t come close to the 500ma so they can bet away with it. Plus most devices can tolerate a voltage lower that 5v.
USB 3 branded cables “should” have beefier wires in them. Assuming its not just branding gimmickry. ;)
You could also try looking for “power only” USB cables.

These seem to use 22 AWG cable, whereas the Pi 3b PSU’s use nice thick 18AWG wire. They might be ok, but just don’t know.

It was all I could find with a quick search. Hunt around and you may find something better. Maybe also search for USB pigtail cables.