Pi3b+ problem


Boots fine, but at the “Welcome to Desktop” prompt, isn’t recognising my mouse and keyboard.

If I press shift to enter the restore options, mouse and keyboard work fine.

I notice that if I move my mouse, the ‘Next” button will discolour…but cannot be clicked.

Any suggestions?



This is where I’m stuck…


Your stuck ,or the Pi is stuck …if its the Pi thats stuck ,what version of Pi are you using ,if pi3 or 3+ i would suggest re-imaging your SD Card


3+, and already done, which HAS fixed the problem…but I’m a bit annoyed as the card was bought from pimoroni supposedly to make things quicker…but ended up costing me a day. I’ll be asking for a refund.


That’s frustrating, sorry. Our SD cards are cloned and verified by a professional SD duplicator in-house but to quote Bunnie (https://bunniefoo.com/bunnie/sdcard-30c3-pub.pdf) “You are not storing data, you are storing [a] probabilistic approximation of your data.”

It’s possible it corrupted when first booted (seems to happen to everyone but me), but we’ll never know. Still worth dropping support a line to see what they say.


I’ve been offered a refund if I return it. Will do so.