Pibow 3B+ case mods for GPIO access?


Having some time on my hands at the moment, so invested in one of these:

No idea what it does - just sounded cool.

First issue I’m facing is that I need to get access to the GPIO header, so I can attach the ribbon cable to the breadboard. Does anyone have any guidance for how to do this on a Pibow 3B+ case?

Is there another layer that I should buy to stick in the pibow, that allows a ribbon to exit the case or is it just something that you have to do by hand?

Sorry for the really basic questions, any help would be much appreciated.

Best wishes,

That must be one of the original full sized Pibows? I use the Coupe cases that give easy access. I’d just remove that top clear cover and put the bolts back in. If you have a dremel you could likely modify one or two of the layers and cut a slot for the cable.

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If I’m understanding you question ,there is a space between the top two layers for the ribbon cable

Hey Jack. =) I’ve never owned one of those original cases. I looked for a slot in the product picture but don’t see it. I’m not saying its not there, I just can’t see it. That would mean just a little disassembly, plug the cable in, and reassemble.

https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/pibow-for-raspberry-pi-3-b-plus?variant=2601121284106. ,you can see the slot between the top two layers above the HDMI and power markings

I see it there, I was looking at this one. The Black Ninja one.

Oops, I was wrong ,it just looks like it in the picture ,just Dug mine out of a box and it dosn’t work the way I thought …

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Thanks for all your replies - I can confirm that there isn’t a slot between the top layers on this case. It might have been added in later designs, but this one looks like it’s designed for IP68 water resistance ;-)

Hi there, I think it’s an optical illusion. I just opened the pibow case picture from the pimoroni website and zoomed in… It looks like there’s a gap - and if I look at the case in my hands it looks exactly the same, but there really isn’t a gap…so do I need to invest in some spacers and replace the invisible(!) layer? Any suggestions on where to get that sort of stuff?

yeah your right ,i just reassembled mine and it will work ,but with a slight opening between the layers ,i had a fan in it at one point ,hence the hole in the top layer ,my pi3 b+ is dead ,just havent got the heart to throw it away ,lol

Hi Caperjack1953, thanks for the pictures I hadn’t thought of just squeezing it through between the gaps, that’ll do just fine. Best wishes, Jon

your welcome ,glad i could help

Cap’n Hacksaw to the rescue…aaaarrrrrrr. With a little help from FirstMate Sandy Paper - okay I’ve officially lost the plot.

Hope this helps anyone else still using the Pi 3B and the wonderful Pibow case :-)

Cheers, Jon

Here’s the “final” set up.

Nice job. =)

Jack and I have often modified our Pibow cases with Dremels. Trim with a cutting wheel then swap it for the sanding drum to make it nice and smooth.

I’d double check that your +5V is going to the correct Pin on your bread board breakout. If you plug the ribbon cable in turned 180 it will mess up the pinout on the breakout. ;)

I done that once,not a good outcome ,the first red wire is on the right side so should be ok ,I switched mine around ,red wire on the other side ,I think it was how I toasted my first sensehat 😢