Picade buttons are not working (pins shorted?)


My Up & Right Picade inputs are not working.

The stick tests out OK, connecting the directions up to the other inputs show Down & Left work OK.

EmulationStation doesn’t pick up the movement, and you can’t configure them.

Is it possible the pins have shorted against the HDMI port, as I don’t have standoffs. If so, is that a terminal issue?

Absolutely possible. Just stick something non-conductive between the HDMI port and Picade HAT. It shouldn’t be terminal- a short to the HDMI shield is just another path to ground, which would leave your joystick stuck in those directions at startup and probably results in it never emitting the codes for press/release.

Ah if it’s not terminal then that’s not it as I have stuck tape between it
since. Sounds like another problem…

What do people do if they have a non-working picade? I bought on Amazon through the official seller…