Picade loses shutdown with xboxdrv

Hoping this is something simple I have overlooked? I have installed the universal xbox driver (xboxdrv) for my picade-x and it is working great!! except now I have lost the button shutdown capability? I wonder if the xboxdrv has taken over all inputs including this button? Has anyone had experience with this and how do I overcome it so I can get back the shutdown capability while using xboxdrv?

Hi, worked it out tonight. I figured I never mapped this button to xboxdrv so thought, perhaps it just does not know about it! So I mapped it (KEY_POWER is the buttons key) to RT (using EVDEV-KEYMAP) (maybe not the best choice but just to test) and mapped RT to KEY_POWER (using UI-BUTTONMAP). And now I can power off by pressing the mapped RT button!
Hope this helps someone else!