Picade Raspberry 4 Upgrade

Hi !

I have the 10 " Raspberry 3 Picade and I would like to upgrade it to Raspberry 4 to get some extra Power for N64 or Dreamcast emulation.

Do I only have to exchange the Raspberry 3 to a Raspberry 4 Model and the rest is Software or are there more parts of Hardware that I need to change to do this?

Thx in Advance!


I don’t know that its absolutely needed (probably not) but getting the new Picade X USB C hat might be worth while. That will let you use a 3A USB C Pi 4 power supply instead of the 2.5A one. Something to consider if you haven’t ordered your Pi 4B yet.
I’m thinking, you’ll likely need a new monitor cable or adapter to plug into the Micro HDMI on the Pi 4B.
Heat given off by the Pi 4B will be an issue. If it gets hot enough it will throttle back to keep from overheating. That will hurt its performance negating the advantage of having it. I would try to mount a fan someplace to blow air between the Pi and Picade Hat. There are few threads on this that you could likely find with a forum search.

thanx a lot i will try that!

Kit includes:

  • Black, powder-coated panels (swish!)
  • Acrylic console with retro artwork
  • Push-fit arcade buttons
  • Joystick with black ball top
  • Speaker (3W, 4Ω, 2.5″ driver)
  • Easy access with removable back panel
  • Dedicated illuminated power button
  • Grippy rubber feet
  • Picade Console poster / assembly instructions
  • Picade stickers
  • Male USB C to Female USB C
  • Dimensions (assembled): 245x120x140mm

Picade X HAT features:

  • Easy DuPont connectors for buttons and joystick
  • Push-fit speaker terminals
  • I2S audio DAC with 3W amplifier (mono)
  • Power management, power switch pins, and power button
  • 4-way joystick inputs
  • 6 player buttons
  • 4 utility buttons
  • Metal standoffs to hold your Picade X HAT securely