Picade X and HyperPixel

I’m looking to build a small arcade machine with limited space. I thought the Picade X board for controls and HyperPixel 4.0 Square screen would suit but before I proceed further, can both of these boards run off the 1 gpio, especially if I use a 1 to multi gpio board?

Otherwise will I need to use the hdmi for a screen instead and not use the hyperpixel screen?

I’ll be using either a Raspberry Pi 4 or Zero for this build if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any information.

Hyperpixel uses all of the GPIO pins, so you’d not be able to use it at the same time as the Picade X.

You could stick with the Hyperpixel and use something like Player X boards for the controls.

Alternatively, Pimoroni sell the HDMI screens which they use in their Picade cabinets.