Picade X console as bluetooth controller?


Just spotted this on Pimoroni Twitter.

Just wondering, will it act as Bluetooth controller like 8Bitdo N30 Arcade Stick?

-Adding mote is brilliant and beautiful.

Just an idea. Picade X console is very cute.


simple answer is no,[i think] it has a raspberry Pi inside with {retroPi installed }.connects to the TV via hdmi cable and is not for for controlling other types of gaming devices


Ditto to what Jack said. Its just a cut down version of the full Picade. Same internals, just no built in monitor. A Raspberry Pi with the Picade X hat attached.
You might be able to turn it into a Bluetooth Controller, with some work and remodeling. And maybe some hardware replacement etc. I wouldn’t think it will be easy though.


Hmm, I see. Your explanation is clear, thank you CasperJack and Alphanumeric.