Picade X HAT USB C as MIDI controller


A little bit of shopping assistant needed, is it possible for Picade X HAT USB C board as MIDI controller instead of Picade videogame? There is an old version of Picade that is made for Arduino which is no longer manufactured by Pimoroni. It has an audio ports built-in. Wondering is Picade X HAT can be written in C/C++ like the original Picade for Arduino?

Love all of features:

  • I2S audio DAC with 3W amplifier (mono) and push-fit terminals
  • Safe power on/off system with tactile power button and LED
  • USB-C connector for power (back-powers your Pi)
  • 4-way digital joystick inputs
  • 6x player button inputs
  • 4x utility button inputs
  • 1x soft power switch input
  • 1x power LED output
  • Breakout pins for power, I2C, and 2 additional buttons
  • Speaker output

Brainstorming- use this board to connect Neotrellis M4 Express board by using SDL and SCL (STEMMA)

No? Yes? Possible? ahem not possible?

Ah, one more question… How to use Picade X HAT to have a portable battery to act standalone device?

How long are you looking to run on battery? I found these charts that will give you the requirements for the various Pi’s (except for the 4).

Something like this will keep it going for several hours.

Thanks so much for sharing the chart to get an idea how much to use the battery. As for power bank, I am more interested in on-board battery. PiJuice and other kind of lips battery modules are so expensive. I am thinking of getting Powerboost breakout by Adafruit for a better price plus a simple switch slide for power on and off. Then, I had to figure it out how to code for shut down without corrupt on software (sd card data). I have not experiment yet.

Glad to.
Yes, onboard is best. I have one of these batteries and I tried it once on one of my Pi’s so I could move it around for testing. It’ll charge my phone 4 times.

Someone else will hopefully chime in but I think there is a way to perform a proper shutdown using the GPIO pins. The Pim FanShim has a button for this.

You might want to read an old article in Github showing how to proper shut down using GPIO pins and code written.

I have this post the linked in other section of Support “Samplerbox- Piano HAT”

Happy Hacking