Pirate audio - Control remote Mopidy

I have installed Pirate audio successfully on a Pi Zero W, playing locally.
For my setup I have a central server (used to be MPD, switched to Mopidy for this usecase) which distributes the audio stream via Snapcast to clients to be in sync for multiple rooms.
Now I’d like to see and control the central Mopidy instance with a Pirate audio client.
I can switch in the webclient (Iris) to a remote Mopidy installation, but this does not get reflected on the display of the Pirate audio. Apparently it works only with a local Mopidy server.
How can I

  • Route audio output of Mopidy to a NULL sink? (Output will be handled by Snapclient)
  • Start Mopidy with a remote server instance by default?
  • Have Pirate audio displaying the information from a remote Mopidy?
  • Enable Buttons to work for controlling a remote Mopidy?

Thank you very much for some hints.