Pirate Pirate Audio Python 3 st7789

Hello Pirate buddies,

Just wanted to share my experience by setting up Pirate Audio Headphone Amplifier. Some trials and errors.

-Reinstalled to new OS- Buster
-Installed Pimoroni Audio Software

Thanks to the old thread especially Alphanumeric solved 1.3 color tft LCD on btreakout garden pHat, SPI i2c - #12 by alphanumeric

  • Enabled SPI
  • sudo install pip3 st7789

First, I did typed sudo pip install st7789. It is for Python 2.7 and did not check on Raspi-configuration to see SPI is enabled or not. Then, set enabled SPI then type pip3 st7789. It works great. Tiny screen but crispy colors.

Oh, to add in config.txt . It is working to write in terminal command:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt
dtoverlay=hifiberry-dac, gpio=25=op,dh

change to
dtparam=audio=off from dtparam=audio=on

For some reason, I got a message “Permission denied” when I opened the folder /boot/config.txt in GUI. Terminal is the only way to allow me to edit or add the configuration.

Hope that helps

Yeah, I think if you try to just edit it with a text editor from the Desktop GUI you get permission issues. The sudo in sudo nano runs the nano editor as a superuser.