Pirate radio hardware console output


I have my own project using the pirate radio headphone hardware that has nothing to do with mopidy. I’m wondering if it possible to have raspian console output to the st7789 screen of this device like others have done using this same chipset.
(See https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-mini-pitft-135x240-color-tft-add-on-for-raspberry-pi?view=all)

My project uses a C binary (pure data) which can run as a command line that will occasionally output text to the screen. Thus I’d rather not have a python program monitoring output from pure data in order to print to the small screen. Most of Adafruit’s github src code is modified src from pimoroni so I’m hoping that you folks have something. I’ve tried the Adafruit code but it doesn’t work for the pirate radio hardware (probably differences in the gpio setup). Lastly, pure data is a real time audio synthesizer which needs as much cpu/memory horsepower is it can get, so using python to output to the screen would only slow everything down.

The screen being used is a 1.3" IPS colour LCD (240x240px) (ST7789 driver)
Which I believe is this one,

A quick google search found this, might help.