Pirate Radio question

I am considering getting one of these and I have looked in a lot of places and unable to find the answer.

Hopefully someone can help me. I see on a video that someone has one with 12 preset stations and I want to know if there is a maximum number of stations that can be added as I am looking for around 25 or so.


Welcome to Pimoroni forums. I did my own web search and couldn’t find a definite answer? .
I would be surprised if the limit was that low to be honest.
Sandy @sandyjmacdonald may know the answer though. He authored that tutorial I linked to in your post on the Pi forums. This one

I have decided I am getting one today. Just need a few questions answered ASAP.

It will always be powered via a power bank and can someone link me to one that’s for sale in the UK only please that’s at least 20,000mah (or a lot higher) so I can get 24+ hours from it as I have very little knowledge on this.

I’ve looked at many but don’t know if they are the correct ones or not that will work.

Battery % is also required on one please. Also please be sure that it’s the correct one and it will 100% guaranteed to work.


If I get this…


then once it’s all connected and finished will I be able to use it straight away with some headphones without doing any configuring for it?

Thank you.

You will have to do some configuring to get the USB headphone dongle to work. The Pirate Radio installer is going to set the pHat Beat up as the default audio device / source. Plus if you use a Pi Zero you’ll need an adapter to plug that into the Zero’s USB port.