Pirate Radio vlc adding media library how to?


I´ve build the radio, added stations successfully.
All is playing fine.
I managed to add my nfs-share.
Now I´m able to listen to a single title or a short m3u list (folder list will be imported to the “Playlist”.
But how can I add all my media to the “Media Library” shown in the webend?

Kind regards


Ahoy, sorry for the late reply. I’m actually not sure how to add playlist items to VLC from the nfs-share.

I’m guessing it would require adding the files/folders into the m3u list? I’m not even sure m3u supports folders though. It might be possible to modify the VLC startup script to point to the relevant folder rather than the m3u file, making sure the share is mounted before VLC starts up.

This is an interesting question, and not something I’ve experimented with, so I’m keen to know if you’ve made any progress since posting!