PirateAudio display working on Rpi2, Rpi3B+, Rpi4, but not Rpi3 B V1.2

I have tried with a few different units (I have ordered a few) of PirateAudio Headphones, and here is my conclusion:

With the same microSD card, the OLED display works on:

  • RPi2 Model B V1.1 (2014) working
  • RPi3 Model B+ (2017) working
  • RPi4 Model B (2018) working
  • RPi3 Model B V1.2 (2015) not working

Note: the DAC itself and the buttons work on all of them.

On RPi 3 Model B V1.2, I can see the backlight is on. But no image is displayed.

Everything works fine on RPi2, RPi3 B+, Rpi4 though.

Anything specific to RPi3 Model B V1.2?