Pivumeter - change brightness on the fly

Is it possible to change the brightness of the LEDs on the Phat Beat vu on the fly? I’d like to make them respond to ambient light conditions (I.e. be dimmed in a darn room, bright in a well lit one).
I can hook up an LDR to get ambient light (or just use the envirophat) but it seems that brightness is a config setting and I am doubtful that it would be dynamically updated just by changing asound.conf.

well, the asound is scanned when an application creates a stream i.e starts playback, so any changes to the brightness setting would take effect at some point, albeit not ‘on-the-fly’.

… if you play a continuous stream like a radio then it would be difficult, not to say impossible (with the current pivumeter implementation at least).

Okey doke. Thanks for the reply.