PIZ-Up Time not showing with i2cdetect

I am trying to use this HAT with a pi zero w.
I have attached the hAT and inserted a battery.
I have two LEDs on the front and a blue showing on the back.
I have installed the software and amended the rc.local file as advised.
But i have the following errors.
i2cdetect shows blanks (i2c is enabled)
Running Pi-16ADC.py gives Error 12 Remote I/O error.
How can i trouble shoot this and how are the LEDs to be interpreted.

The EEPROM uses Pins 27 and 28. Are you using the 20 or 40 pin header?

Do you have another Hat or pHat on top of the Up-Time? I ask because I don’t think the Up-Time uses i2c?
The Blue LED likely indicates that the upconverter is running, it will only be on when a good battery is inserted.
The other two look to be power and battery state. I don’t think there is a RTC on that board, if thats what your thinking? I’m going by this.