Positioning pan and tilt unit


Just a question about the pan and tilt unit and sending it to a set position.

I want to have a camera move to a position (pan) based on a compass heading which is calculated based on the present GPS position and time of day which relates to the position of the sun. Obviously I would need to calibrate the unit so that I knew the compass point relative to the angle needed for the pan unit. I realise that it would only be able to swing through a maximum of 180 degrees but that is fine for my project.

I also need to do something similar for the tilt side. Once again the angle will be calculated based on the time of day (sun position) and what I need to look at.

From my reading I understand that I can send it an angle between -90 and 90 to achieve this. is that correct?



Yes, 0 “should” be the centered position. Some of my preassembled units were off though. I ended up redoing them to get both servo’s centered.