Really LARGE Ninja diffusion


I really impressed with how much better RGB LED matrices look with the Ninja Diffusion layer placed on top of them. I have a personal video wall project that is comprised of these matrices and is roughly 3ft x 4ft in size. DO you have any information on how I could acquire something similar in thickness and quality to your Ninja Diffuser, only large enough to cover a 3ft x 4ft display?


It’s just frosted 3mm sheet acrylic (Perspex Slate Grey: S2 9T23)- we order ours in bulk, but you could get something very similar cut-to-size.

It definitely isn’t very economical at small volumes and in large sheet sizes though- a 3ft x 4ft sheet seems to run from ~£50 - £90 depending on source and finish. I bet a majority of that is delivery.

For example if you’re UK based you can get a 3mm 1520x1000mm sheet (slightly larger than your requirements) from here: