Recommended enclosure for 8" screen?

I upgraded the standard 8" screen that came with my picade kit to a 12.1" screen. Now I’d like to make use of the 8" screen so need some sort of housing for it. Ebay brings up enclosures for 7" screens at about £10, but for some reason enclosures for 8" screens appear to be a lot more expensive at £25.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a cheap (about £15) solution for a 8" screen housing?


Can you do something using picture frame stuff. Many different materials and styles so a unique frame might be possible

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Can I ask which 12.1" screen you went for as I’m interested in getting a larger screen hopefully from a UK supplier?

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I got this one from a Chinese Ebay seller.

It arrived quickly and was very straightforward to fit, if fit the pimoroni cabinet perfectly, and has decent colour saturation with no dead pixels (it claims to be a Toshiba screen) BUT I’m not sure if I would completely recommend it. The contrast ratio is pretty poor, and the viewing angle is not anywhere as good as the original 8 inch. Also it seems a bit brighter at the bottom than at the top. Not really a problem when playing because you sit pretty close and seldom have screens all of uniform colour (apart from menus etc) where the brightness thing is definitely noticeable.

For people viewing the screen at an angle, it looks very washed out.

You can get better screens than this certainly. However this one is pretty cheap for the size, and does work without any issues. You get all you need to connect it, apart from a power supply (you’ll need a generic 12v supply, it won’t run off 5v USB like the 8" did)

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Good idea about the picture frame, a deep one might do the trick! I’ll take a look next week. Thanks for the suggestion!

This one might work.