Rockpool animation... backwards?!


In Rockpool, the animation showing the values flowing between sections moves from right to left, not left to right. Just me? Error? Quirk? Pirate-related Stylishness?!


It’s a really tricky one. If the values move from left-to-right then it gives the illusion that they take time to get from A to B when in fact the value you would be seeing on the left is what has just been output.

We figured by trailing the values from right to left it reflects the fact that the right-most value is what’s being output, and everything trailing behind is its tail of history.

So it’s a quirk, I suppose!


I’ve been playing with it the last few days and it never occurred to me. I guess it looks like an oscilloscope trace, so it’s the “right way round” from that perspective.


Ahh so a quirk! But just so you know quirks confuse children :)