Rotaryio is crashing my Interstate75

Bit of an odd one here.I have an interstate75, an LED matrix and a rotary encoder (the rgb LED one found on this site). With everything wired up I can create a IncrementalEncoder object and get the position of my encoder as I turn it.

The problem is if I turn it of then back on again I can’t edit and save my code with the thing crashing. Windows can’t find the USB and I have to unplug and plug it back in. At which point the file has been wiped. I’ve tried a ton of stuff but as soon as I remove the rotaryio part of the code it works fine. I can read inputs from the 2 pins manually. I can probably even debounce it myself but I’d rather just use the a simple little library and crack on with coding the fun LED stuff…

Does anyone have the first idea about what’s gone wrong?