Samplerbox- Piano HAT


Reread the Piano HAT features… Can you explain more how it works? It looks like to me that is similar to Samplerbox method, am I correct?

Brainstorming- if that is the case, use “Itty Bitty Beat Box” connect to Arturia Keystep… Look at glorious white bright LEDs blinking.

Here the paste from Pimoroni website for Piano Hat- way bottom of last paragraph.

“You can even make Piano HAT output regular MIDI commands via a USB to MIDI adapter and use Piano HAT as a tiny, cheap MIDI controller for your Minimoog Model D (you have one right?)”


Interesting, I just posting so I can see what replies u get ,I have the piano hat setup with the drum hat ,I don’t play a piano or drums,just got it for grandkids to bang away on ,I have this setup , this is the best I can do ,lol.

It’s basically a touch controller (2 actually) shaped like a piano.
2x Microchip CAP1188 capacitive touch driver chips.
You can likely load what ever CAP1188 compatible driver you want.
Just be aware that the Pi will be doing all the MIDI stuff. Thats the way I read it anyway, via a USB to MIDI adapter. The stock setup is Sound via the Line out or HDMI to monitor / TV
There is also the Touch pHat, same deal but it only has the one CAP1188. It’s python libraray and examples will likely also work on the Piano Hat.

@alphanumeric Ah! CAP1188 chip. Genius! I did not think of that. Duh,me. The library of CAP1188 (by Adadfruit, I believe) might have in Arduino IDE. Thanks so much.


Thanks for sharing the video. Adorable! Have you add some bumper case for child proof device? And LiPo battery without cable plug (power bank battery)?

I have played around a lot with Neotrellis M4 Express board especially use MIDI via USB can use any MIDI synthesizer to the board then press buttons with colorful lights. It is really fun. My kids love it. Pimoroni Piano and Drum hat are fun to play around as well. Just need to figure it out how to use Lipo battery as portable or standalone device for Neotrellis M4 Express and “Itty Bitty Beat Box”

Grandkids live 5hr drive away ,so they don’t get to play with it much,some day I will finish it with a case of some sort , I do have lipo battery Velcroed to the underside ,using a Adafruit power boost 1000.

The Adafruit Powerboost 1000c is what I’m using in my battery powered setups. It’s good for up to 1A out and can recharge the LIPO.
The Powerboost 1000 (basic) no charger can I believe give out up to almost 2A’s? You have to unplug the battery and have a separate charger though which can be a bit of a pian.
There is also this that is good for 2.5A out.

I have one but haven’t put it to any kind of use yet, just sitting on my desk gathering dust actually. The one mounting hole kind of bugs me, and the no access to the enable pin is an issue for me. I like to turn off the boost section when charging a battery, with out having to unplug my Pi. .

It is a difficult to find a right module. So far that I would like to try experiment by using Daniel Bull and his fellows. It shows how to run a Raspberry Pi from a Lipo Battery then dive in Github to find how to use a proper shut down with code written.

I also recokon why can’t we use cron tab feature?

Maybe you can try that method for your project since you have several different modules.

This module is really nice but it does not provide an additional pins for button on and off or slide switch like your saying about DfRobot booster/charger module.

Or disassembling old smartphone battery block might be a good solution.

There are a couple of ways to have Raspbian do a proper shutdown without a keyboard or mouse.
One way is to add dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown to your config.txt file. Do that and momentarily grounding GPIO 3 (pin 5) will have it do a proper shutdown. Momentarily grounding that same pin will have it boot back up again if you don’t unplug your power supply. This won’t work on GPIO 3 if you have i2c enabled though. In that case you have to use a different pin for the shutdown part. I used this with my Fan Shim, dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown,gpio_pin=17,active_low=1,gpio_pull=up
The Button on the Fan Shim grounds GPIO 3 and GPIO 17 when pressed.
On my Sense Hat I have it coded in my python file to run os.system("sudo shutdown now -P") when the joystick center button is pressed. It could also be coded in python to run that command when a certain GPIO pin is grounded / goes low.

One thing I like about the Adafruit Power boost is all the contacts you’ll ever use are brought out to solder terminals. No having to use USB cables, just solder wires in to route your power in and out. And the big one for me is the enable pin. If you ground that pin the boost section turns off. And the battery charger still runs.
I have a portable setup with a three way switch.
In one position the power supply feeds the power boost to charge the battery, and goes right to my Pi bypassing the power boost. The boost section is off. I can run my Pi from my power supply and charge the battery at the same time. Without putting an extra load on the power boost. It’s my in use and plugged in mode
In the center position my Pi is off, the boost is off, but the battery charger is on. It’s off and just recharging my battery
In the last position the boost section is enabled and the Pi is powered by the powerboost. It’s my portable not plugged in mode.

EDIT: I toyed with doing something automatic like in that link you posted. In the end I just went with two switches. A push button to do my shutdown, and the three position power switch I mentioned above.

This looks interesting. If it will work safely with a Pi’s 3.3V i2c logic levels

It’s supposed to work with 5V and 3.3V Arduinos, so it “should” be Ok with a Pi. I think I’m going to get one in the near future. I have several Arduino’s I could use it with. If I try it on a Pi it will be one of my spare Pi Zero’s.

I find something interesting that might be a good solution for “tty Bitty Beat Box” synthesizer.

I need all your second opinion. Amazon reviews shows negatives of reviewer on DfRobot. On Pimoroni reviews shows positives of using Dfrobot robots. It seems 50/50…

I only have the one DfRobot item I posted above, which I have mixed feelings about.